Welcome to Travis Baumann's Visual Effects web page. On the following pages you will find an in depth examination of over twenty years of work in the visual effects industry for film and television. Travis has been working with productions ranging from colossal studio blockbusters to shoe-string budgeted independent features with a few music videos, commercials, television series, and documentaries thrown in as well. Please select a link below.

The Bio page has an extensive work history detailing the companies and people he has worked with for the last two decades as well as some behind the scenes photos to illustrate what on-set and conceptual design work can entail.

The Projects page has all of the films and other projects listed that Travis has worked on as well as detailing the tasks he performed on them. It is basically an online, visual resume.

The showreel page has a number of video clips available for viewing including a highlights reel as well as individual projects broken down more thoroughly with some before and after examples.

The Contact page has relevant phone numbers, email address, and links to reach Travis directly.

The Art Gallery has a number of examples of what Travis does on his time off, which is create his own personal visions in a number of media formats.

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