The Hu

Live at The Elrey Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

October 31st, 2021

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

The Mongolian hoard crashes onto American shores once more with "The Hun Tour". Playing Halloween night in Los Angeles, they packed the ornate theatre in the Miracle Mile district.

Utilizing the Morin khuur, or "horsehead fiddle", as well as the Tovshuur, a Mongolian guitar, Tumur Khuur (jaw harp), flutes, and traditional percussion all infused with electric guitar and bass, as well as modern drums, The Hu bring a new edge to the thriving folk metal music scene.

Based around a core quartet of talented musicians The Hu are made up "Gala" on lead throat singing and Morin khuur, "Enkush", playing lead Morin khuur and throat singing, "Jaya", on Jaw harp, tsuur (a Mongolian pipe instrument), flute, and throat singing, and "Temka", playing Tovshuur and backing vocals.

This roster is expanded to a full eight man band for touring with "Jamba" on electric guitar and backing vocals, Batkhuu on bass guitar and backing vocals, "Ono" playing traditional percussion, jaw harp, and backing vocals, and finally "Odko" on a conventional drum kit.

The most intense parts were when the entire band sang in unison with all of the combined traditional and conventional instruments lifting the power of the music even further.

The set list was made up of a lot of new songs from their forthcoming second album and were largely unknown to the audience. The material ranged from raging head-bangers to much slower ballads with an almost country-western twang to the percussion.

They mixed in enough fan-favorites from their debut album, "The Gereg", that the audience could sing along to the familiar anthems throughout the show.

It was really an amazing performance as we have come to expect from these guys. The Hu bring all the trappings of modern folk metal but have their own take on it with unique instruments and language as well as thematics and vocal intonations. This show was a great way to spend All Hallows Eve to say the least.

Set list:

Shoog shoog  

Huhchu Zairan

The Gereg

Mother Nature

The Legend of Mother Swan

Uchirtai Gurav

Shihi Hutu

Shireg Shireg

Bii Biyley

Yuve Yuve Yu

Wolf Totem

Tatar Warrior

Black Thunder

This Is The Mongol

Sad but True (Metallica cover)

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