Barker + Connelly : Luxapan

Live at The Mayan Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

September 30th, 2021

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

In the late 1980's and early '90's Wax Trax! Records was synonymous with industrial dark-wave music in its pioneering state, and in that stable of creativity a large group of musicians gathered and prolifically produced a load of side projects from their primary bands, many sprouting from the band Ministry.

At the time Paul Barker and Chris Connelly were at the core of these projects, spawning such greats as Acid Horse, Revolting Cocks, and PTP to name a few.

Many of these projects ended up being one-offs and never having any of the material featured in a live setting. Revolting Cocks was an exception that spawned a number of albums but at some point those "keys to the city", so to speak, were handed off to another group of musicians.

Come around thirty-plus years later and the duo of Barker + Connelly have re-adopted the past era monikers of Luxa and Pan to bring some of these old gems to light in a live environment as one of the featured acts of this year's Cold Waves Festival.

Breaking out the big guns right from the start they did the fan-favorite, "No Name, No Slogan" from Acid Horse. The song featured samples of both music and dialog from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" film and utilized an industrialized western theme that was awesome to see live after all these years.

Connelly announced that they were going to do some Revolting Cocks songs from "the last real Revolting Cocks" album, referring to the last one he was involved with before Al Jourgensen lent out the name to a new band who have not followed in the same vein as the original group.

They did "Creep", The Rockabye" and "Sergio" from the RevCo catalog with Connelly reverting to his signature howls and screams. Paul moved between synths and programming to picking up his bass and coming out from behind his equipment to stand near Chris as they played.

Chris is a pretty serious guy while Paul had a big smile on his face and sipped bottles of beer in between songs. A large video screen behind the duo showed colorful imagery that laid context to the songs, some of the pieces also featured the lyrics in time with Chris' verse.

They finished up the set with the PTP (Programming the Pscyho-drill) material. "Show Me Your Spine" was featured in the Robocop movie and their backing footage was made up entirely of clips from the feature. The grand finale was "Rubber Glove Seduction" which I still have in the form of the cassette single back from when it came out while I was still in high school.

It was a blast of nostalgic fun and great to see all of these songs live, most of them for the first time.  It is also great to see Chris Connelly out doing industrial type stuff again which started with the last Ministry tour and I hope it continues. I wonder if Paul will ever join up with Al again for a dose of the old Ministry goodness.

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