Jungle Rot

Live at Mayhem Festival

San Bernardino, California

June 27th, 2015

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Jungle Rot are a Death Metal band out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. These guys were mid-day on the Victory Records stage and whipped the crowd into a moshing frenzy.

They were one of the few bands of the day that play traditional Death Metal rather than the multitude of Metalcore bands playing the festival.

These guys have been around for twenty years and have a dozen albums out so far, obviously veterans of the scene, these guys took control of the audience and were definitely one of the best acts of the secondary stage.

They had just under a half hour set time and played a handful of songs including "Voice Your Disgust" and "Paralyzed Prey".

Out of all the bands on this stage today, I liked the Jungle Rot vocals the best. It is a comprehensible style of extreme vocals but sounds ominous and sinister.

If you are into Death Metal, I recommend giving these guys a try. I wish they would have had more of this type of band and less of the trendy Metalcore/NuMetal stuff but at least these guys were there.

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