Live at The Regent Theater

Los Angeles, CA

October 12th, 2023

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Igorrr is the alter ego of French musician and producer Gautier Serre. From a one man studio project it has mutated into a full band with epic stage-presence, mashing together genres that would seem to be at odds with one another.

The combination of black metal, baroque, classical, opera, breakcore, trip-hop, industrial, and even some spaghetti western cinema-score, builds into an amazing, driving musical experience that is mind-blowing to witness.

Joining Gautier on stage are Sylvain Bouvier on drums, Martyn Clément on guitar, JB Le Bail on growled extreme vocals, and Marthe Alexandre on female operatic vocals. Not only are they talented musicians, but they bring the showmanship to a live audience that really makes for a great concert experience.

In 2017 Igorrr signed to Metal Blade records and put out the album "Savage Sinusoid". They toured North America the following year and I was blown away by their dynamic presentation and juxtaposition of so many styles and how they were seemingly embraced by fans of all of the separate genres.

Experimental music is often a labor of love to listen to, the audience seeking to be challenged and having to put themselves in a disparate mind-set to appreciate it. This is not the case for Igorrr, the expertise with which the genres combine into a single song, or more often flow from one song to the next, effortlessly lead the listener through their intense journey.

That is not to say that Igorrr is "easy listening", it is hyper active, aggressive, and the stories told are at times tragic. Despite this intensity, they are a joy to behold and the vocalist duo bring you into the weaving tales with their charisma.

2020 saw the release of "Spirituality and Distortion" which made up a hefty proportion of the setlist. With the pandemic slamming the world into submission, their follow up tours were postponed more than once - but finally they return to our shores to give us the aural pummelling we need.

It was a fantastic performance with the audience headbanging, fist pumping, dancing, and circle pitting for the entirety of their lengthy time on stage.

Igorrr are an adrenaline boosted shock to the system that reinvigorates the old art forms and brings it all together into the present for the masses. A song will start out with a dirty, distorted techno bass line, building with live drums, then heavy guitar riffs slash out into the mix, and it all gets crazier with both growled extreme vocals and operatic female vocals all at once.

Nothing is sacred or taboo with Igorrr, Gautier will start to glitch and control all of the audio wave forms, even the operatic vocals will suddenly go distorted and snarling with huge electronic bass shifts that you can feel in your chest. It reminds me of the early days of industrial music where you could never expect where the music was going to go but it still retains the quality of a song that sticks in your head. All hail Igorrr!



Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano

Spaghetti Forever

Hollow Tree

Nervous Waltz

Downgrade Desert

Camel Dancefloor



Polyphonic Rust

Overweight Poesy

Opus Brain

Himalaya Massive Ritual





Very Noise

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