Hideous Divinity

Live at 1720

Los Angeles, CA

May 15th, 2022

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Hideous Divinity are a death metal band hailing from Rome, Italy. They are embarking on the "Worship North American Tour" with death metal main-stay, Hypocrisy. Called upon to kick-start the night, they blazed the way with The Agonist and Carach Angren following in the lead up to the legendary headliners.

Hideous Divinity consist of band-founder Enrico Schettino on guitars along with Enrico H. Di Lorenzo on vocals, Giulio Galati on drums, and Stefano Frenceschini on bass guitar and backing vocals.

Apparently the vocalist is also a doctor of audiology and phoniatrics, which I am not entirely sure influences his snarls and growls, but a bit of interesting trivia none the less.

Being in the opening slot always means a limited set time, so they picked their songs carefully. They started off the show with "Acheron, Stream of Woe" from their latest EP, "LV-426", setting the evening off on the right foot.

The crowd was ready for some metal on this Sunday night and while many were still filing in through security, as they cleared the door they quickly moved to the front and got the circle pit going.

The band moved on to "Angel of Revolution" from 2017's "Adveniens" album before bringing it to 2019's full length release, "Simulacrum" (big Philip K. Dick vibes going on here), with "Anamorphia Atto III".

Lots of cinematic presence through-out the performance, and also some serious nods to film aficionados with their lyrical content as well. Hitting up their latest material for a crowd-pleaser, they did "Chestburst" from "LV-426", evoking the "Alien" franchise of movies - sci-fi and deadly.

They revisited "Simulacrum" with "The Deaden Room" before finishing up their set with the title track from "Cobra Verde". It was a concise but powerful performance and laid down the tone and energy for the rest of the night.

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