Gemini Syndrome

Live at The Whisky a Go Go

Los Angeles, CA

November 24th, 2021

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Gemini Syndrome return to their foundations, playing the town they used to call home in support of their latest release, "3rd Degree - The Raising".

Coming to us as a quartet on this tour, we have Aaron Nordstrom front and center , sharply dressed and his vocal feats on point as ever, Brian "Steele" Medina raising his sticks high behind his drum kit, Alessandro Paveri on bass guitar, fully decked out in face-paint and sporting a massive beard, and Miguel "Meegs" Rascón on guitar.

Their set list would pull from all three of their releases, the sophomore album, "Momento Mori" getting slightly more play than the debut and new albums but they packed in a dozen songs that hit upon all their major singles and fan-favorites.

Hitting it off right from the gate with "IDK" and "Die With Me", they gave the audience a taste of what they had been brewing up for the past couple of years. These two songs came out prior to the full album release, and the crowd was familiar and singing along from the start.

Dipping back to their debut album, "Lux" they did "Pleasure and Pain" followed by "Resurrection". Gemini Syndrome are definitely a metal band but also have a lot of progressive tenancies as Aaron's voice ranges from melodic croon to heavy and growled as each song calls for.

Heading to their sophomore release they did "Zealot" and "Sorry Not Sorry" which were both obviously fan-favorites from the reaction of those assembled.

Pacing through their releases for a second round, they did "Reintegration" from "3rd Degree", followed by "Basement" from "Lux", and "Eternity" from "Momento Mori".

Aaron addressed the crowd at moments, there were quite a few familiar faces with all the years they had lived here in Los Angeles, and the Sunset Strip has always been a rock and roll Mecca.

They moved on to two of my personal favorite songs from "Momento Mori" with "Anonymous" followed by the translation of the album title "Remember We Die". These two songs really epitomize the Gemini Syndrome style and substance and were great to see live again.

They finished up the evening with a ballad-esque crowd pleaser in "Stardust" from their debut. It was a great show with exceptional sound on every song and a blast to see these guys touring with new music to share.

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