Front Line Assembly

Live at The Teragram Ballroom

Los Angeles, CA

June 2nd, 2022

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Electro-industrial pioneers return to Los Angeles promoting their latest full length effort, "Mechanical Soul". Industrial stalwarts Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber are joined on stage by Skold on guitars and Jon Siren on drums as they moved through over 35 years of material.

Their last two records have both been amazing blasts of energy, combining some of the best sounds and styles from their lengthy career while also injecting brand new excitment and song structures. Collaborations such as the title track of "Wake up the Coma" with Nick Holms of Paradise Lost was a very welcome surprise.

Skold brought a nice edge and allowed classics like "Millennium" and "Plasticity" to have the cutting guitar riffs those songs deserve live.

Fan favorites from all eras got the audience pumped up with "Resist" from their debut just edging out songs from "Tactical Neural Implant" such as "Bio-Mechanic" and "Mindphaser" for to most robust reactions. My personal favortie of the set was "Arbeit" and I wish they would have done "Tilt" off that release as well.

Bill had limited interaction with the crowd but did call out a tribute to fallen bandmate Jeremy Inkel who passed away recently and to thank Fear Factory (Dino was in attendance) as well as their tour mate, Rein. It was a great show, best I have seen Front Line Assembly play since Jeremy passed and it was super cool to see Skold back on the stage.

Set list:

The Imminent

Killing Grounds