Live at The Avalon

Hollywood, California

September 26th, 2012

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Accept returned in 2010 after a 14 year span between albums with the amazing "Blood of the Nations" album but that was only the beginning.

With their creative flood gates wide open, the band proceeded to tour all over the world and then came out with yet another ground breaking album with "Stalingrad".

Accept are currently touring to promote this latest release and are doing so co-headling with fellow Germans, Kreator. They hit Los Angeles on the North American Teutonic Terror Attack.

With so many years gone by and so long between albums, it is surprising how Accept have come back as a firestorm, their latest two creative endeavors being their most successful albums to date and that is saying something.

They opened the set with the new song "Hung, Drawn, and Quartered" followed by the bombastic "Hellfire" also off of "Stalingrad".

The old guard was back in action, founding member and lead guitarist, Wolf Hoffman is great fun to watch as you can tell he enjoys being up there playing for the audience as much as they enjoy hearing and seeing him do so.

Original crony, bassist Peter Baltes, as well as long timers Herman Frank on additional guitar and Stefan Schwarzmann on drums round out the core of musicians and new-comer as of their reformation is vocalist Mark Tornillo brings the band to full count.

While their style is definitely still the same Accept that started in the late 70's their new material has a whole new life to it, being at once heavier and edgier but right at home with the classics.

To prove that point they did "Restless and Wild" followed by "Losers and Winners" to get the fans of the older songs appeased. They then went into the title track of the new album, "Stalingrad".

Giving "Blood of the Nations" some love, they played "Shadow Soldiers" about the unseen forces that work to keep the world from going to hell and then the awesome metal anthem "Pandemic".

Bouncing back to an old favorite, they did "Breaker" and then gave us "Bucket Full of Hate" off of the "Nations" album.

This back and forth of new material and classic hits was great to see and the band sounded better than ever.

The did one of my favorite songs from their older material with "Princess of the Dawn" which had a huge sing along at the chorus parts.

They gave us "Up To the Limit" followed by "Metal Heart" of the album of the same name which lead to the last song of the main set, "Teutonic Terror" from "Blood of the Nations".

After a short break they came back out and played the classic "Fast as a Shark" before ending on their big classic hit that made them a household name back in the day, "Balls to the Wall".

This last song was a super extended version with the entire audience chanting out the main parts of the chorus and the whole band had big smiles on their faces.

It was a great set, covering lots of their new material and plenty of songs to make the diehard fans from the olden days happy as well. I think their latest material is the best stuff they have ever done and I think Mark handles the vocals perfectly, he lends a powerful addition to the band.

"Riding on Teutonic Terror, We will give them the axe!"

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